MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Lifelong precision with high dynamics. High-precision planetary gear technology for direct integration of Mitsubishi Electric servo motors.

Demanding applications require the use of first-class components – especially in industrial applications where precision and reliability are of central importance. Harmonic planetary gears meet these requirements. Due to their integrated engine connection with clamping element and motor flange, they represent an ideal solution for the use of servo motors.

A Strong Team

Thanks to the innovative planetary gear technology of the gear specialist Harmonic Drive AG and the possibility of direct connection to Mitsubishi Electric motors, Mitsubishi Electric has an excellent e-F@ctory partner at its side. High-precision Harmonic Drive® gears and drives are used in key industries such as machine tools, packaging machines, factory automation and medical technology.

Customer benefit of planetary gears HPG:

  • Precision over the entire service life
  • Compact motor connection directly to Mitsubishi servo motors
  • Low weight and short overall length
  • Excellent price/performance ratio

Harmonic HPG series planetary gears are ideally suited for precise applications in linear and rotary axes of large machine tools, such as feed axes or positioning applications. HPG planetary gears are used as reduction gearheads in both rotary and linear axes. For the drive, a gear with constant accuracy without a complex backlash adjustment mechanism is required. HPG series’ planetary gears guarantee low backlash over their entire service life.

Harmonic Drive