MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Elements for IoT – the complete digital twin platform for smart factories from shop floor to enterprise

With the digital twin solution from CONTACT, you always have an overview for collaborative management of your shop floor and plants. Clearly arranged, real-time data provides you with the greatest possible transparency concerning properties, performance and operating behavior. Determine automatic workflows on the basis of parameters that are easy to create, such as the triggering of maintenance operations, when defined limit values are exceeded. The direct comparison of the system configuration mirrored in the digital twin with the data of the spare parts inventory ensures simpler and faster reconciliation for repairs. Connect your Mitsubishi Electric products with your shop floor, utilize data to optimize your production, link it to your enterprise software and energize your digital factory with enhanced analytics.

The open CONTACT Elements for IoT platform is not only open, but very impressive due to its high level of interoperability and easy integration into existing systems. Coordinated best-in-class and open source components help companies to realize innovative models faster with its no/low code philosophy. A challenge of any substantial IoT solution is the integration of data between the different company divisions and therefore systems such as ERP, CRM, SCM and PIM. In addition, IT and OT (Operational Technology) will be merged. Elements for IoT provides a powerful, open REST API that makes integration easy for any digital twin. The open API service establishes an efficient master data management architecture, the basis for outstanding IoT solutions that connect IT and OT bidirectional.

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