MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better
e-Manual is the electronic books that enable Mitsubishi Electric FA product users to quickly obtain necessary information such as product ranges and usage. Excellent search functions and the linkage with engineering software facilitates the start-up and maintenance of FA products. User maintenance manuals can be easily converted into e-Manual files and linked to Mitsubishi Electric FA product manuals, enabling quick troubleshooting.

Identifying and solving a cause of a production line trouble

When an error or issue occurs in an FA product on a production line, you can check the causes and corrective actions described in the troubleshooting section of the applicable manuals on a tablet (Android™ or iOS) or a computer.

Features of e-Manual Viewer application


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Search function | Quick search for information required on the spot

Cross-search functionality across all downloaded manuals is available. Additionally, refining searches with keywords, such as error codes or programming commands, enables quick access to the required information.

Bookmarking function | Immediately accessing maintenance or troubleshooting information

Utilizing the bookmarking function allows easy access to frequently visited maintenance or troubleshooting information pages at manufacturing sites when needed. Registered bookmarks will be transferred to updated manuals.

Adding note function | Customizing manuals more efficiently by adding notes

Users can freely customize documents by adding notes containing know-how and information necessary for system start-up and maintenance. Any added notes will be transferred to updated manuals.

Sharing function | Information management by sharing up-to-date information

By storing e-Manual data (manuals, notes, bookmarks) in a network database, team members can easily share and access the latest documents with notes on their computers. This eliminates the need for repeatedly downloading the same manuals, reducing data capacity on individual computers.

Export function | Easy exporting manuals, bookmarks, and notes to other computers

Users can export e-Manual data (manuals, notes, bookmarks) from the e-Manual Viewer, allowing them to transfer the same data to other computers. For instance, a user can export e-Manual data saved in the e-Manual Viewer on their office computer to a notebook computer used for manufacturing sites or business trips. Additionally, this exported data can serve as a backup when restoring the computer.

Linking e-Manual (programming support tool) and GX Works3 (engineering software)

Sample programs provided in the e-Manual can be copied with a single click and easily pasted into a project using engineering software, making them ready for execution. This not only facilitates quicker program input but also helps prevent mistakes, enabling users to streamline the start-up of FA products.