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Mitsubishi Electric to Provide Heat-related Total Solutions to Reduce Energy Costs and Support DecarbonizationOne-stop service will optimize electricity and heat-energy usage


Total heat-related solution system

TOKYO, May 22, 2024 - Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today that it will begin offering heat-related total solutions as a service from May 31 to enable manufacturers, building owners and heat-supply operators to reduce their electricity and heat-energy costs and achieve greater decarbonization. As one of the company's newest Energy & Facility (E&F) solutions, the one-stop service will combine customized consulting, heat-system designing as well as the provision of hot-water and industrial cooling and heating equipment that contribute to electrification, and operational support for electric power and thermal energy in energy management systems (EMS).

Through the service, Mitsubishi Electric will carefully analyze each customer's needs to propose ideal solutions based on data analysis and use digital simulations to estimate expected effects. The one-stop solution will include the designing of facilities incorporating advanced heat-engineering technologies, such as heat pump chillers, EcoCute hot water, industrial cooling and heating equipment, and EMS-based instrumentation control. Over the long term, the company will continue to analyze and evaluate operational data to support the ongoing decarbonization initiatives. Customers will also be supported in managing the environmental value of their electricity and optimizing procurement plans to transition to decarbonized operations.


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