Thank you for your interest in Mitsubishi Electric. Please use the links below to send us an enquiry. In some cases, these links will take you to a different Group company website.

Whistleblowing Contact [EU Directive 2019/1937]

If you wish to report a breach of European Union law at Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV in line with EU Directive 2019/1937 and the relevant implementing national law, please contact Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV using the below link to our contact form. You may report in any language but please note that any reply from Mitsubishi Electric may be in English.
For further information please refer to the (PDF. open new window)‘Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV Whistleblowing Policy’ and (PDF. open new window)Whistleblowing Flowchart.

Employees or workers of Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV should please refer to the relevant branch Whistleblowing Policy and make a report in accordance with the instructions therein.

General Data Protection Enquiry

Should you wish to exercise one or several of your data subject rights or get in touch with us concerning our Data Protection measures, please fill in our contact form.