Get to know us!

We are part of the Mitsubishi Electric Group, a leader in the manufacture and sale of electronic and electrical equipment used in factory automation, the energy industry, communication systems and household goods.

This is our technical mindset! We develop modern and creative solutions that contribute to improving the quality of life.

In our daily work, we focus on a 'human approach'. You will find it not only in Mitsubishi Electric's mission statement - to make the world more comfortable, better functioning and safer. It is also our organisational culture, which supports teamwork but also the ambitions of individuals, and allows us to create a unique atmosphere of collaboration, development, and mutual inspiration.

We also know how important continuous development is, which is why we offer courses, training, and study grants as part of expanding our knowledge.

It is Mitsubishi Electric

Technical mindset. Human approach.

Grow with us

At Mitsubishi Electric you will find the Factory Automation (FA), Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (LES) divisions and supporting departments.

Depending on your experience and your chosen career path, you can develop in the areas of sales, technical and training support, marketing, service, warehouse, supply chain management, IT, HR, administration, finance, and accounting.

Experience the culture of Mitsubishi Electric

Technical mindset. Human approach…

Our slogan perfectly reflects the atmosphere at Mitsubishi Electric. It also shows the two most important aspects of our culture: technical and purely human.

Technical mindset

We work with products of excellent quality. This gives us great professional satisfaction and the opportunity to continuously expand our knowledge and improve our professional competence. We take care of the development of our employees by offering modern working tools and training.

Human approach

We understand the needs of others, appreciate the commitment of our employees, create favourable working conditions, provide extensive benefit packages and above all - offer stable employment. We know that a sense of security is key to professional development.

However, we do not forget about the atmosphere! Joint team-building meetings and sporting activities make our team great.

Find out about our recruitment stages

We strive to make our recruitment process simple and transparent. See what stages await you before you start working with us.

You can send your CV in response to a specific offer on the job portals or fill in the form on the website. Write about your expectations and skills and we will try to find something for you.
Quick Call
If your application passes the initial selection, we arrange a telephone or video conference interview. This will be a short [approx. 30 min] conversation about our mutual expectations and to see if we are on the same wavelength.
If, after a quick chat, both parties are interested in working together, we will invite you to a longer meeting. We will then talk in detail about various aspects of working at Mitsubishi Electric. At this stage, we may ask you to solve a short recruitment task.
Regardless of whether a partnership is reached, we will inform you of the outcome of the recruitment as soon as possible.
We have done it! We sign the contract and introduce you to your tasks.