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How to Refresh Before and After Poland

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May 2021

Tomasz Sroczyński is a Credit Control Specialist for Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Oddział w Polsce Sp. z o.o. This role involves verifying clients in terms of their financial and legal status and judging their ability to promptly pay for orders. He is also responsible for securing sale transactions by obtaining insurance. This position is not an easy one, but to Tomasz, it is satisfying. He is often required to negotiate with both external customers and "internal customers", i.e. sales and logistics departments of Mitsubishi Electric. Sometimes emotions, both positive and negative, are high. As such, Tomasz needs to be assertive and maintain mental resilience. Sometimes he acts as a mediator and has to control his emotions in order to resolve a dispute or reach a compromise. Although Tomasz’s role is challenging, he likes people, so is an ideal person for his role.

Prior to COVID-19, Tomasz refreshed himself by travelling extensively. He has visited many countries in Europe and South America. He enjoys travelling alone so he can stray off the "beaten track" and discover tucked-away places not so crowded with tourists. Tomasz’s favourite locations include wild beaches and arty districts with unique murals and buildings. On weekends, he often packed his bicycle in his car and whisked off to the mountains or another pristine place.

Since COVID-19, Tomasz has had to give up journeys abroad and frequent meetings with friends. One thing he hasn’t had to give up on, however, is his bicycle. In fact, he has actually discovered that he doesn’t need to venture far from home to have memorable, refreshing adventures. Tomasz now appreciates more than ever the beauty of Krakow, the city he calls home, and its surrounds. His "backyard", so to speak, includes picturesque places such as Będkowska Valley, Krakow-Częstochowa Upland, Dobczyckie Lake and Niepołomice Forest.

Amidst the new normal, Tomasz cycles 3 or 4 times a week, covering around 30 kilometres each time. He has become a tourist in his own city, where he likes to wander around and discover new places. His cycling has helped him to gain determination towards achieving goals, as well. Being outdoors helps Tomasz to bring harmony to his life, find solutions and make important decisions. A new pastime he has taken up recently is photography, as he wants to capture the majestic scenery that he admires on his outings. The pandemic has changed Tomasz’s perspective in that he now realises how great simple pleasures can be; things as everyday as reading books or gazing at the sky have taken on an entirely new flavour for him.

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Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pump

Tomasz is interested in the Ecodan Hot Water Heat Pump provided by his colleagues in the LES department. This is because he believes it is a great, efficient and, above all, ecological product. Krakow, where Tomasz lives, has one of the highest air pollution levels in the world. As such, he believes Ecodan is a product that Cracovians (Krakow residents) would be particularly appreciative of.

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