MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

SI Elite - Program dedicated to System Integrators

SI Elite is an exclusive program designed specifically for systems integrators who continually strive for excellence. Join this elite network of partners if you have a wealth of experience and the skills to deliver perfectly tailored solutions to your customers. Our program emphasises customer focus and complete service satisfaction, enabling partners to achieve exceptional results.

Thanks to the SI Elite program, we aim for a Win-Win situation where each party involved in the project, namely the System Integrator, End User, and Mitsubishi Electric, receive a range of benefits and tangible advantages.

Why join the program?

Stable growth:
The source of growth in our cooperation is the satisfaction of the Client with receiving comprehensive, high-quality service.

Development through knowledge:
The Client gains access to technical support and a training program, enabling them to acquire knowledge and know-how firsthand.

Modern products:
For our Clients, we offer a comprehensive range of our components. All our products and services form one cohesive ecosystem.

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What are the levels in the SI Elite program?

In the SI Elite program, there are three levels of involvement:

SI Registered
- This level is dedicated to companies that want to start or have recently started collaborating with Mitsubishi. We help develop the competencies of such partners through training and assistance with initial implementations based on Mitsubishi Electric solutions and products.

SI Member
- This group consists of companies with whom we have had longer-term collaboration. They are familiar with our technology and successfully carry out projects independently in various industries.

SI Elite
- This is an elite group of System Integrators comprising firms with extensive experience, a solid market position, and a portfolio of numerous projects implemented based on Mitsubishi Electric solutions.

How to join the SI Elite program and get certified?

Would you like to join the SI Elite Program?