MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Changes for the Better

Partnering for your industry success

At Mitsubishi Electric, we know that solid partnerships are the foundation for success in today's dynamic industrial world. That's why we offer two dedicated partner programs tailored to the unique needs of our customers.

Program dedicated to manufacturing plants

Factory Care is our partner program aimed directly at manufacturing plants, i.e. End Users. Through it, we provide comprehensive technical support and access to the latest Mitsubishi Electric industrial automation solutions. Our team of specialists is ready to help you optimize your production processes, providing not only the highest quality equipment, but also maintenance support, training and upgrades.

Program dedicated to system integrators

For system integrators, we offer an exclusive partner program - SI Elite. Through it, we provide access to advanced tools, training and technical support, enabling our partners to design and implement innovative solutions based on Mitsubishi Electric technology. SI Elite is not just a partner program, it is a strategic partnership that enables business growth and the achievement of common goals.