2D Laser Processing Machines

Mitsubishi's comprehensive line-up of laser processing machines offers highly productive, universal and versatile machine types. We provide a wide range of laser processing machines with world-class high-power lasers as a viable alternative to traditional punch presses. We design and manufacture every critical component that goes into our laser system ourselves, from the cutting machine to resonators and control units. As a leading manufacturer of electrical machinery, Mitsubishi Electric is committed to providing the best quality in all products.

GX-F Fiber

High-Speed, Ecology, High-Quality. The fiber laser oscillator dramatically shortens processing times and offers environmentally conscious high-quality laser cutting.

RX-F Fiber

High-quality all-round machine, covering up to large and thick materials.

RX CrossFlow

Reliable, Refined and Revolution. Applicable to 4m x 2m work-piece sizes, offering high-productivity in thin to thick plate processing.

eX-F Plus CrossFlow

The three "e's" of the new eX series - excellent, easy to use, ecology User and environmentally friendly, high-speed, high-performance laser processing machine.

SR-F Fiber

For cost-effectively cutting thin sheet metal. SR laser cutting systems permit cost-effective and high-quality laser processing focusing on thin sheet metal.

SR CrossFlow

For the ultimate boost to performance. For cost-effectively cutting thin sheet metal with maximum productivity.