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Volunteering to support the youth of Turkey Mitsubishi Electric Turkey

February 2020

Gül Karababa (pictured below) is a HR Executive at Mitsubishi Electric Turkey (METR). In her free time, she actively volunteers to support young people in Turkey.

İstihdam Kampı (the Employment Camp), organised by the Turkish non-governmental organisation Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı (the Community Volunteers Foundation), was held at the Pinhole Youth Center in Samsun on 17–20 October 2019. 110 new graduates and university students from 78 cities in Turkey attended the event for career advice and coaching. With other companies' representatives, Gül was there for two days as a guest speaker and trainer from METR.

During each of her half-day training sessions, Gül gave those young job seekers tips on how to choose a career path, how to succeed in a job interview, how to get the most from an internship, how to better understand yourself and how to set your goals. And she also did job interview simulations. The attendees were so impressed with the way she mentored them that they persuaded the organising team to extend the session, and even invited her to speak at their universities.

"Someone told me later that everyone found my coaching very inspiring and saw me as a role model. I was so proud to hear that," Gül said.

This is not the end of the story. Two weeks later, on 3 November, Gül took part in the 41st Vodafone Istanbul Marathon — this time, as a runner with the purpose of fundraising to help as many young Turkish people as possible to have access to higher education. Yes, she is willing to go so far as to run a marathon if that's what it takes. Now you can see how passionate Gül is about volunteering to support young people in Turkey.

"I feel happy and proud to be involved in activities like these," Gül said. "I hope—and believe—that more and more of my colleagues will join me and volunteer to support our young generations. They will create our future."

The head office of METR (left) is located in Ümraniye, Istanbul.

When people hear Turkey, many of them might think of the Black Sea, the Marmara Sea (middle), the Aegean Sea or the Mediterranean Sea. But it's not that the country only has these beautiful seas. It also has a spectacular mountain: Mount Nemrut (right).

"Mount Nemrut was inscribed on the World Heritage List in 1987. Its ancient tomb, architectural ruins and monumental statues — all of them make the site mysteriously attractive," Gül said. "And you can have an amazing view from each of its terraces, especially when the sun rises and sets. I'm sure a beautiful red sky above you will take your breath away."

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