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Special Event Poland

We took part in the Poland Business Run 2019 Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. Polish Branch

February 2020

Ewa Czop (pictured below) is a working student in the Marketing Communications Department of the Factory Automation department of Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.'s Polish Branch (MEU-PL).

The Poland Business Run took place on 8 September 2019 in 9 cities across Poland: Kraków, Katowice, Warsaw, Poznań, Wrocław, Łódź, Gdańsk, Lublin and Rzeszów.

The Poland Business Run is an annual charity road relay race organised by the Poland Business Run Foundation. The main purpose of the event is to raise funds for people with musculoskeletal disabilities.

"The race also aims to promote an active lifestyle for all and connect local businesses with the community," Ewa said. "I love physical activities. So in my opinion, combining running with charity is a great idea."

MEU-PL has supported and participated in the Poland Business Run since 2014. In this road relay race, each team has five runners and runs approximately 20 km (about 12 miles) towards the finish line, which means each runner covers 4 km (about 2.5 miles).

For the Poland Business Run 2019, MEU-PL formed eight highly motivated teams out of active runners and athletes from the company's different departments to enter the Kraków, Warsaw and Wrocław competitions. Ewa was chosen as a member of the Factory Automation team, which was scheduled to take part in the Warsaw competition with the Living Environment Systems team.

Preparing for the race, Ewa started to run a short distance every few days. The closer the competition got, the more intense her training got. "I even tried to increase my endurance by walking on beautiful hiking trails in the Tatra Mountains," she said.

And the day finally came. Under a cloudy September sky on Domaniewska Street at 10:30 am, MEU-PL's Factory Automation and Living Environment Systems teams started the race among hundreds of other competitors. Ewa couldn't have been more ready to run her leg of the race, both mentally and physically. But...    

"During my turn, it just started raining so hard and didn't stop for long! And I got soaking wet!" Ewa laughed. (Yes, this is the reason why she is all wet in the first photo.) "This is now one of my favourite memories of the event."

The results? Not bad. Both teams did pretty well.

The Poland Business Run 2019 had about 27,000 participants and raised almost PLN 2.3 million (about USD 587,000) from across the country.

The photos above are of the Balice office of MEU-PL (left) and the Wawel Castle (right).

Ewa explains, "The Wawel Castle is one of the most iconic symbols of Poland. It is the largest castle in Poland and was the former seat of Polish kings.

"The Wawel Castle, surrounded by defensive walls, is located on a picturesque hill in Kraków. And at its foot flows the Vistula, the longest river in Poland.

"For centuries, Polish kings had ruled over the country from there. After the capital moved from Kraków to Warsaw, the castle became the place where Polish kings were coronated and buried. It is now a place where many precious monuments of our history are gathered. The Wawel Castle has been a special place for Poles."

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