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What is MITSUgenios? Mitsubishi Electric de Colombia

February 2020

Carolina Valderrama (pictured below, left) and Daniela Cuervo (right) are HR Professionals at Mitsubishi Electric de Colombia (MELCOL).

In 2019, MELCOL started a cute little company event called MITSUgenios.

MITSUgenios—a combination word of "Mitsubishi" and "genios (geniuses)"—consists of many different workshops for MELCOL employees' and their relatives' children. It takes place at the MELCOL offices across the country on a Saturday every 4 months.

The goal of MITSUgenios is to give those kids an opportunity to have fun at the office where their mum, dad, grandma, grandad, aunt or uncle works, and help the company build stronger relationships with its employees' families.

MELCOL has a team called Cuento Contigo (Counting on You) to organise MITSUgenios. As key members of the team, Carolina and Daniela work with other members to plan recreational and educational workshops for children. With the great help of volunteer instructors from within the company, Cuento Contigo has taken the initiative to hold various MITSUgenios workshops such as:

At the Bogotá office

  • Cooking — instructors: Laura Restrepo (HR Deputy Manager) and Carolina Valderrama (HR Professional)
  • Origami — instructors: Idali Muñoz (Accountant) and Geraldine Rodríguez (Accountant Assistant)
  • Handcrafting — instructor: Alejandra López (Design Assistant)
  • Sensory painting — instructors: María Fernanda Medina (SAP Project Chief), Betsabe Morales (After Sales Executive), Oscar Garzón Cano (SAP Engineer), and Diana Castañeda (Installation Administrative Assistant)

At the Medellín office

  • Chess — instructor: Mauricio Enciso Mona (Manufacturing Supervisor)
  • Cooking — instructor: Nathalia Guzmán (HSE Chief)

At the Cartagena office

  • Handcrafting, didactic games and painting — instructors: Liz Carolina Martelo Utria (Modernization and After Sales Assistant) and Beatriz Luna Puello (Administrative Assistant).

Carolina (also involved as a cooking instructor) and Daniela say both children and instructors are really happy to take part in these workshops. Look at the photos above and you can see how much everyone enjoys MITSUgenios. Their lovely smiles are proof that this tiny little event does the big job of being a bridge between MELCOL and its employees' families.

The Medellín office of MELCOL (pictured above) is located in the middle of La Milla de Oro (The Golden Mile), a neighbourhood that has recently shown the most remarkable growth in El Poblado (The Village), one of the most upscale districts of Medellín. This is the only MELCOL office in the country that has a space called the Total Solutions Showroom, where people can take a close look at many of Mitsubishi Electric's products.

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