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This is our green commitment to the community Mitsubishi Electric Brazil

February 2020

Semiramis Miziara (pictured below) is the Human Resources Manager at Mitsubishi Electric Brazil (MEB).

MEB had its annual SIPAT event on 14–19 October 2019.

The Portuguese acronym SIPAT (pronounced roughly as si-PAHCH) stands for Semana Interna de Prevenção de Acidentes do Trabalho, which means in English: Internal Week for Occupational Accident Prevention.

"In Brazil, companies with more than 30 employees are legally required to have a SIPAT event every year," Semiramis, the chief organiser of this internal event, explained. "The aim is to raise awareness about health and safety at work."

The event involved many different activities — everything from lectures on accident prevention in the workplace to a fire drill.

MEB's SIPAT event is not only about health and safety at work, but also about wellbeing in a broader sense. To achieve this goal—and end the event in a fun way—Semiramis and her SIPAT team organised a tree-planting activity. As some research shows, green spaces in a community can have a positive impact on health and wellbeing.

A lot of MEB employees from different departments and their family members gathered at an outdoor sporting area in Barueri, São Paulo, where the branch office of MEB is located, and planted native trees, hoping the city would get greener and cleaner.

The fires in the Amazon rainforest are ongoing. But the good news is that people's efforts to build a greener world for tomorrow are also ongoing — as shown in the photos above.

"As the chief organiser, I've been so happy to see everybody really engaged in these many different activities throughout the event," Semiramis said with some dirt on her hands and face. "I think this event represents MEB's commitment to promoting its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) activities as well as the company's contribution to achieving the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)."

The photos above are of: (from left to right) the branch office of MEB, its showroom, Dom José Municipal Park (about 2 km from the branch office) and the Amazon rainforest.

"Christ the Redeemer might be the best-known icon of Brazil, but I'd choose the Amazon rainforest as what represents my country. It's now the first image that comes to many people's minds when they hear the word 'Brazil'," Semiramis said.

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